Hydraulic grabs for crane

BSV manufactures two main series of hydraulic grabs for cranes, KS grab and Combi grab.
During many years, we have designed and manufactured quality crane accessories and lifting equipment, which is robust, durable, and long-lasting, which is of big importance for our customers.

KSII grab is the grab for bigger cranes and is made of high-strength materials and equipped with strong axles and bearings.

KSII grabs are equipped with a built-in check valve inside the cylinder, which means that the load is retained even if a hose on the crane breaks.

This crane grab is part of a robust bucket series with focus on construction work. Read more about the KS grab and its technical specifications by clicking here.

Combi grab is particularly suitable for use in combination with smaller cranes and for different tasks. This grab has different tool designs depending on tasks. Read more about Combi grab and its technical specifications by clicking here.

Regardless of whether you need a standard crane grab, grab for steel road plates, grain grab, manure grab or a customized solution, we are ready to advise and help.

Please contact us, if you are thinking about using one or more of our products or if you have any doubts about the configuration of your grab for crane, or if you simply have technical questions.

We can be reached on (+45) 75 36 21 22 or via our online contact form by clicking here.

(+45) 75 36 21 22
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