Straw handling

BSV also develop and produce electro-hydraulic lifting equipment, such as grabs for handling straw bales.

The grabs are made for handling 1 or 2 straw bales at a time and are often built on a lifting yoke that can transport up to 12 straw bales simultaneously, i.e. a full lorry train, both front and trailer, in a single lift.

The grabs and yokes are manufactured for handling big bales of various sizes, i.e. Hesston Claas and other formats. The grabs are suitable for both semi- and fully automatic cranes and BSV’s competent team of technicians can help with a solution for your material handling needs.

In 1984, BSV began producing electro-hydraulic grabs for handling 1 pc. Hesston straw bale at a time, and in 1991 BSV were the first to develop and manufacture yokes and grabs for handling 12 large bales at a time. The first two yokes were delivered to Grenaa, Denmark and since then many have been delivered in Denmark and abroad, e.g. Germany, Hungary, Spain, Canada, USA and Brazil. Grabs are used for handling straw for combustion and energy production, rice straw for building materials and sugarcane for production of bio-oil.

The main characteristics of BSV grabs and yokes for handling straw bales is the high quality and continuous operation they offer, combined with minimal maintenance requirements.

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