BSV crane fork for handling and turning plaster boards

BSV offers 3 types of crane forks for turning plaster boards. BSV pallet forks are made of high-strength steel, are extremely strong and robust and have a low weight.

Our crane forks for turning plates are especially designed to turn and handle plasterboards and board packages and to make it easier to handle boards through e.g. doors and windows in multi-storey buildings. This crane fork can handle plasterboards in vertical and horizontal position.

This crane fork is designed with a pivotable lifting arm that can be adjusted for empty lifting, horizontally and vertically lifting. It is possible to handle and move packages that are lying down, or lift them from lying position and turn them vertically and lift them from there, just by turning the lifting arm on the crane fork.

This crane fork can be supplied with suspension suitable for the current crane.

All our pallet forks are 100% made at BSV factory in Denmark and are tested before delivery and supplied with full documentation. In addition to standard color, remember that BSV can offer to paint in other colors.

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