About BSV

BSV Krantilbehør A/S specialize in Danish production of lifting equipment of the highest quality for cranes. BSV’s hydraulic grabs, crane forks and mechanical scissor grabs are renowned for their strength, robustness, and durability.

At BSV, we manufacture the products from start to finish ourselves and thus they are 100% “Made in Denmark”.

Today, BSV is owned by Flemming Jensen, director, and Allan Richardy, technical manager, who purchased the company in 2007, and have since continued to develop BSV in the same good spirit and positive direction.

Many of the employees have worked in the company for many years, which is reflected in the huge experience and knowledge that characterizes the company and is shown in the high quality and durability of its products.

At BSV, we design, calculate, and construct ourselves. We cut the steel plates ourselves, mill, drill, turn, weld, clean and assemble, and we also have our own painting booth. The entire process is our own and in-house.

Further proof that quality plays an especially important role for BSV is the fact that the company has been appointed and approved as a Strenx® member in Denmark.

Strenx® is a high-strength steel developed and produced by Sweedish Steel AB (SSAB).

The use of this high-strength steel makes BSV products stronger, lighter, and more competitive. At the same time, this steel material is continuously being developed to make it more sustainable.

BSV is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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